Wavelike formation next to the Tuv Glacier in the Hornsund fjord, Southern Svalbard.

2013 – Corey Arnold


A crevasse on the Hans Glacier in the Hornsund fjord, Southern Svalbard

2013 – Corey Arnold


Hans Glacier at dusk in September in the Hornsund fjord, Southern Svalbard.

2013 – Corey Arnold


The Perrito Moreno glacier is 30km in length stemming from the south Patagonian ice field.

Moreno, Argentina 2008- Klaus Thymann


One of the few glaciers encompassed by trees.

Spegazzini, Argentina 2008 – Klaus Thymann


Grinnell is one of the most accessible glaciers in Glacier National Park.

Grinnell, Montana USA 2008 – Klaus Thymann


Phosphorous red lava soil surrounds the glacier ontop of the Cotopaxi volcano.

Cotopaxi, Ecuador 2009 – Klaus Thymann


Working closely with the Glacier World Monitoring Service this glacier was selected to be documented in Switzerland.

Findel, Switzerland 2009 – Klaus Thymann


Glacier sediments are clearly visible entering the Pacific Ocean.

Grand Plateau, Alaska 2011 – Klaus Thymann


The Helheim glacier is connected to the Greenlandic icesheet and spans approximately 5.5 kilometers in width.

Helheim, Greenland 2012 – Klaus Thymann


The approximate 5000m elevation is the reason equatorial glaciers can exist in Africa.

Speke, Uganda 2012 – Klaus Thymann


Patience is a virtue in the mountains when you have to wait for the fog to lift in order to see the glacier.

Kittelglaciären, Sweden 2013 – Klaus Thymann


As a popular tourist destination Mount Baker in Washington has a vast archive of postcards dating back to the late 19th Century.

Mount Baker, USA, 1972 and 2014 – Peter Funch


Mount Tutoko in New Zealand has an elevation of 2,723 metres.

Mount Tutoko, 2013


The Storglaciären has the longest history of glacier mass research in the world, having been studied since 1946

Storglaciären, 2013 – Klaus Thymann


The Pallin Halvjökull is set within the artic circle in northern Sweden

Pallin Glacier Tunnel, 2013 – Klaus Thymann


Hellstugubrean glacier is found in central Jotunheimen, the highest mountain massif in Norway

Hellstugubrean, 2011 – Klaus Thymann


Cotopaxi mountain is a stratovolcano in the Andes, Ecuador

Cotopaxi, 2009 – Klaus Thymann


Comparative archival images

Donne glacier, 1981, 1988 and 2009 - Courtesy of Trevor Chinn, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand


An outline representing the glacier extent in 1963, from the series ‘When I Am Laid in Earth’ by Simon Norfolk

Lewis Glacier, Kenya 2014


In 1963 Lewis glacier ran past the guides’ hut, taken from the series ‘When I Am Laid in Earth’ by Simon Norfolk

Lewis Glacier, Kenya 2014


Funch employed an RGB tricolor process to separate motion from the inert for these images of Mount Baker

Mount Baker, USA 2014


Mount Baker in Washington is a popular tourist destination and so has a huge wealth of historical information.

Mount Baker, USA 2014