Upcoming Expeditions

Noémie Goudal
Goudal and Project Pressure have teamed up to propose an expedition in France. The initial proposition is to explore the Chamonix region, where in she will create work that mirrors the shifting landscape. Goudal will construct large-scale photographic installations location, which will reflect the recession of glaciers

Significant reduction has been seen in the glaciers surrounding Mont Blanc, with approximately quarter of ice mass disappearing in the past 40 years. It will be Project Pressure’s first expedition to France and funding is urgently needed to ensure these glaciers are preserved in our archive.

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
This artistic pair have been looking at recovered objects that had been ‘rejected’ by glaciers. Working with established institutions and glaciologists in Switzerland they will document the preserved artefacts, from which they can create an exhibition of remains.

Initial research has found that glacial archaeology is, in the wake of climate change, uncovering artefacts at an unprecedented rate. This is happening around the world and teams in the Swiss are dedicated to excavating remains and documenting the arcehological finds so it is a perfect place to commence this project.



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