COP25 installation at the UN building. New York, 2019.

This coming fall, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) will be hosted in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. With floods and wildfires dominating the summer in the northern hemisphere and African farmers being hit by droughts, the sinister warnings of the consequences of climate change is as clear as ever. The need for drastic systemic change is long overdue, but the question is whether the world leaders represented at COP26 will play their part.

For COP26 Glasgow, Project Pressure is working together with renowned artist Mary Ellen Carroll / MEC, Studios on a public work of art and call to action. Coinciding with the unveiling of the physical installation will be the launch of a public petition to classify greenhouse gasses as pollutants.

Mary Ellen Carroll works at the intersection of conceptual art/architecture, public policy, and social justice. Carroll has received numerous awards and honors, including a Rockefeller Fellowship, a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Fellowship, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

The upcoming art intervention is generously supported by a private foundation. Please get in touch with Patrick for partnership opportunities.

“Art is a great medium that crosses the boundaries of language and culture as did VOICES FOR THE FUTURE.”

– Luis Alfonso de Alba, Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Action Summit.

Two years ago, Project Pressure created VOICES FOR THE FUTURE, an installation of large-scale projections on the UN building in New York. Covering the 155 m tall building, the installation showed images of a massive collapsing iceberg, a piece by artist Joseph Michael with an original sound scape by composer Rhian Sheehan. The large scale imagery was followed by the voices of six young advocates authored by Klaus Thymann, including Swedish student activist Greta Thunberg. In each of the six UN languages, the young climate activists addressed their hopes and fears for the future, commenting on the urgent actions that can, and must, be taken to minimize the consequences of climate change.

See the COP25 installation in New York here.