22/09/2015 Narsarsuaq, Greenland 2015

Isertoq Glacier, East Greenland in 2012 by Klaus Thymann

Isertoq Glacier, East Greenland in 2012 by Klaus Thymann

Today marks the start of the Project Pressure expedition to Greenland with Mariele Neudecker and Klaus Thymann, who will collaborate on a project to detail the glaciers surrounding Narsarsuaq in Southwest Greenland. The team will stay in the field near Kiagtut glacier, before heading to Eqalorutsit glacier – camping near viewpoints that will provide extraordinary views of the glaciers.

At each location precise GPS data will be recorded. This will enable future comparisons of the same glaciers to be easily recreated and mapped digitally, allowing glacial fluctuations to be observed. It is recognised that as glaciers and ice caps melt under the strain of climate change it will have disastrous effects on the oceans, thus the importance of monitoring tidewater glaciers such as the ones on this trip.

This expedition has been made possible with a grant from The Lighthouse Foundation.

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