22/10/2013 Snapshots from Athabasca


Taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the tourism phenomenon that is Canada’s Athabasca glacier, Andrew Querner captures the surreal juxtaposition of pristine white ice and brightly-attired visitors in his ‘Athabasca’ series. Project Pressure caught up with the Vancouver-based photographer to chat about the glacier and his work…


17/10/2013 Video: Exploring the Pallin glacier tunnel

Working with Stockholm University glaciologist Per Holmlund to identify sites of interest, Project Pressure recently travelled to the far north of Sweden to document glaciers in the Scandinavian Mountains, north of the Arctic Circle. During the expedition, which was supported by Polaroid Eyewear, photographer Klaus Thymann and Project Pressure 50% Director Christopher Seeley undertook an exploration of the Pallin Glacier tunnel, recently uncovered by melting ice.

12/10/2013 Adventuring for science


The first results of our collaboration with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation are now in, with Carl Hancock capturing some superb images like these ones of Sn√¶fellsj√∂kull in Iceland, which Project Pressure originally visited in 2011. Thanks to Carl for taking the time and care to contribute these images and data, and to Gregg and Erin at ASC for setting this up. If you’d like to contribute to Project Pressure, please visit our Get Involved page.


10/10/2013 Inside the Pallin tunnel


Project Pressure recently partnered with Polaroid Sunglasses to mount an expedition to Arctic Sweden. Among other sites, the team had an opportunity to explore the Pallin glacier tunnel. Uncovered by melting ice after being hidden for fifty years, this incredible natural wonder is one of the few glacial tunnels in the world that are safe to access.

A video about the tunnel with some background from glaciologist Per Holmlund is currently showing on The Guardian’s environment page.

03/10/2013 Northern exposure


Renowned photographer and commercial fisherman Corey Arnold is currently documenting glaciers in Svalbard for Project Pressure, thanks to a grant from the Lighthouse Foundation. Beyond stunning shots of the ice, he’s also capturing a taste of what life is like for scientists living and working at the Polish research station in Hornsund. We’ll be posting more soon, or check out Instagram for a little preview.