Poster image: Glaciér 2, 2016. © Noémie Goudal for Project Pressure.

Project Pressure will appear as one of the key components in the 7th edition of the Landskrona Foto Festival opening the 4th 2020 in Landskrona, Sweden, with the theme “The Architecture of Memory.”

Project Pressure’s inclusion in the event is an important acknowledgment of the urgency of our mission. Earth’s threatened landscapes are our greatest resource of collective memory; the importance of recognizing and responding to climate change has never been more pressing.

Landskrona Foto Festival will be showing work from the project “Meltdown”, by the Project Pressure commisioned artists:

Edward Burtynsky (Canada) Burtynsky’s work explores the waste Icelandic landscape and the flows of meltwater from the glaciers through large scale drone photography.

Peter Funch, (Denmark) Using the photographic technique of RGB tri-color seperations, Funch recaptures mountain peaks and glaciers from old postcards and photographs, showing the changing landscape though time.

Noémie Goudal (France) In the series “Glacier“, Goudal experiments with visualizing the consistently changing glacial landscape. Her large-scale installations show the slow disintegration of photographs printed on biodegradable paper, placed in front of the glacier which the printed image itself portrays.

Klaus Thymann (Denmark). Through mapping and exploring white spots on the map, Thymann’s practice explores glaciers as a global phenomenon, highlighting the consequences of climate change induced temperature rises around the globe.

Project Pressure will also be participating in a program of online artist talks and Q&A’s. In accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines, the exhibition will be held outdoors. For more information about the festival, visit .