Project Pressure is a charity with an ecological and climate focus. The mission is to create impactful projects that triangulate art, science, and activism resulting in actions on environmental issues.  Project Pressure has more than 15 years of experience in instigating, conceptualizing, and leading ambitious change-driven projects with an emphasis on field-building. Materials from our projects have been used by activists, policymakers, institutions, and others to support their ongoing work.

We have forged partnerships with the World Glacier Monitoring Service, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and in 2011, were recognized as a contributor to the Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers. Recognition has come from prestigious benefactors, including the Queen of Denmark, the Lighthouse Foundation, Getty Images and Arts Council England.

We have received coverage in major news outlets including the Guardian, BBC, New York Times, CNN, Le Monde, Wired and National Geographic.

In 2008, Project Pressure started commissioning world-renowned artists to create work that visualize the climate crisis. We have conducted more than 30 expeditions, creating scientifically accurate art works. Work that received recognition with a Sony World Photography Award in 2013 was put together in a touring exhibition titled MELTDOWN. It has been shown at prestigious museums globally and is still touring.

Throughout the years, Project Pressure has created interventions and high-profile showcases such as VOICES FOR THE FUTURE at the UN Climate Action Summit. Project Pressure wrapped the UN landmark building in New York with projected images and words from six young activists, including Greta Thunberg, to stress the urgent need for action to minimize climate change and its consequences.

Final artwork by Christopher Parsons from Nepal Expedition.


We have moved beyond debating whether climate change is real and channelled our resources into helping people to understand the logistics to achieve real solutions. This has been a success, with activists, international bodies, presidents, ministers, diplomats, and policy makers enthusiastically disseminating our materials, but the work is not done.

Since 2019, Project Pressure has taken a broader perspective incorporating the climate, ecological and bio-diversity crisis and has positioned itself as a bridge organisation breaking down silos and working in a multidisciplinary way. Current focus includes a diverse range of endeavours working on multistakeholder projects addressing the root cause of some of the most pressing environmental issues.

Since 2023, we’ve partnered with the University of St Andrews, Cambridge University,  and other universities on current projects. We will maintain our relationships with progressive governments, museums, cultural entities, mass media, public institutions, and grassroots organizations creating surprising and powerful work.

Project Pressure Team

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Klaus ThymannFounder
Jernej GregoricExhibition Representative
William Skeeping  – Trustee Christian Tønnesen  – Trustee
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Ben Rawlingson-Plant – Strategic Advisor Peter Funch – Artistic Advisor


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