A shot from the Project Pressure expedition to East Greenland in 2012

An image from the Project Pressure expedition to East Greenland in 2012, by Klaus Thymann

For the first time this summer Citizen Science are offering individuals the chance to join climate biologist Astrid M Z Bonde PhD on a glacier and wildlife monitoring trip to Greenland. The journey will bridge research and tourism to motivate an interest in the artic and broaden the access of scientific observation that will in turn benefit climate change and biodiversity research.
This trip will provide the opportunity to journey across Western Greenland, from the tundras in Kangerlussuaq to the ice sheets near Disko bay. One aspect of this expedition is to gather pictures of the natural environment to input into apps and databases. This enables Citizen Science to contribute to ongoing research within the field, as well as existing projects, including Project Pressure, that will then be available for both scientists and the public to use.
So why not create your own adventure whilst contributing photographs to Project Pressure’s archive. There are still a few places available on this tour and you can read more here. Quoting Project-pressure.org at point of purchase will get you a discount of 500 DKK (£50) too!