To create an engaging platform for engagement Project Pressure began commissioning works for its global travelling exhibition titled MELTDOWN. Lead and curated by Project Pressure, world leading artists were sent on expeditions creating scientifically accurate projects related to climate change.

Natural History Museum, Vienna. Installation view of “Glaciér 1-3” by Noémi Goudal

Alt+, Switzerland. Installatino view of “Esmarkbreen” by Corey Arnold

The science-focused approach homes in on using glaciers to illustrate the global scale of climate change and the projects takes you around the on a journey that is illustrative, and poetic way as each artist has a unique take on the subject. MELTDOWN shows scale from the planetary level to microscopic biological impact, and considers humanitarian suffering and more. Together the artistic interpretations in MELTDOWN give visitors unique insights into the world’s cryosphere, its fragile ecosystem and our changing global climate.

MELTDOWN has work from every relevant continent on the planet and leads the viewer on a journey looking at the well-known facts, but also surprises viewers by visualizing those consequences of climate change which go well beyond sea level rise.

MELTDOWN has been shown at numerous prestigious venues around the world, including the Natural History Museum Vienna, Museum of Climate Change Hong Kong and the Nelson Provincial Museum in New Zealand attracting huge audiences with its compelling message.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 MELTDOWN at Kühlhaus Berlin, Germany

2022 MELTDOWN at The Nelson Provincial Museum, New Zealand

2022 MELTDOWN at Whirinaki Whare Taonga, New Zealand

2022 MELTDOWN at The Jakopic Gallery, Ljubljana, Ljubljana

2020 MELTDOWN at The Landskrona Fotofestival, Sweden

2019 MELTDOWN at The Horniman Museum and Gardens, London

2019 MELTDOWN at The Natural History Museum, Vienna, Vienna

2019 WARNING SIGNS at Alt +1000 with Musée des beaux-arts, Le Locle

2019 VOICES FOR THE FUTURE at The UN Building, New York

2018 ‘When Records Melt’ at Unseen, Amsterdam

2018 Museum of Climate Change, Hong Kong

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