Artist Peter Funch photographingEmmons glacier on Mt. Rainier from the Burroughs Mountain Ridge.

Artist Peter Funch photographing Emmons glacier on Mt. Rainier from the Burroughs Mountain Ridge.

Acclaimed photographer Peter Funch has recently returned from his second Project Pressure expedition to the Cascade Mountain Range. In 2014 Funch and his team travelled to Mount Baker to replicate archival postcards of the mountain’s most famous vistas. On their return to the national park they turned their attention to Mount Rainier, drawing on the rich sightseeing history of Washington’s highest peak.
They started their journey near Nisqually Glacier travelling towards Camp Miur. Here they were able to draw comparisons from the archival postcards, including from the edge of the Nisqually Glacier valley. The team hiked across the Burroughs Mountain Ridge, then continued their journey across the national park at Tolmie Peak near Eunice Lake.
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