Reindeer Hide
Photographer and Project Pressure contributor Corey Arnold, has a solo exhibition, Wildlife, in which he once again brings his unique perspective as both an artist and commercial fisherman to present images that are at once beautiful and compelling.
The above image from Wildlife was taken when Arnold went to Svalbard, Sweden in 2013 to document glaciers for Project Pressure. As he recounts;
While on foot, hiking to nearby glaciers I would pass small herds of reindeer and spend time slowly stalking them… trying to get closer. After awhile, they would get used to me following them around and realized I was not a threat. I like the eye contact the reindeer is making with me, we are both analyzing each others thoughts, trying to figure out each other’s intentions. I’m always searching for connections with animals.
Wildlife is on at Charles A Hartman Fine Art in Portland, Oregon from 5th – 28th of November.
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