We all know that greenhouse gases pollute our planet. So why are the not regulated as pollutants?

What we call things matter. We should call toxic greenhouse gases, such as Carbon dioxide and methane, what they really are: climate change pollutants, causing mass destruction, affecting both ecological systems and the livelihood of people around the globe

This linguistic change is crucial, as it can have far-reaching impact and prompt drastic systemic change. A legally-binding classification of these gases will push governments to drastically alter legislation, enforcing a stricter regulation on both public sector and corporate emissions.

Your voice matters. Our collective voice matter. The engagement and visible commitment from people around the world is crucial for attracting the attention of governments.

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Launching on public activism platform and its wording reads:

“I, a concerned citizen, worried about the destructive and polluting nature of toxic greenhouse gases, demand that they be classified as pollutants.


I implore my government to classify them as such, empowering it to take action against their emission and take a leading global role in encouraging other countries to follow suit.”